Karen Whiting ~ My Mini Dream Room

Karen Whiting is an author, speaker, and media personality. A former contributor to Focus on the Family’s parenting magazine (Focus on Your Child), she is […]

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Rejoicing over Me? Really?

by Linda Cox

“Excuse me, Miss. I need some silverware please.”

The look on the waitress’s face told me she honestly thought she’d brought silverware […]

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Linda Ford ~ The Cowboy’s Surprise Bride

As a young girl, Linda Ford daydreamed about running an orphanage and raising twelve kids. She later married and had four “homemade” children, adopting […]

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Georgiana Daniels ~ A Daughter’s Redemption

Georgiana Daniels graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. She home schools by day and writes fiction at night. Georgiana, […]

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Who’s Going to Tell Them?

This week marks the 40th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized elective abortion in the U.S. More than fifty-five million […]

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C. J. Darlington ~ Advice For Novelists / Out of Time

C. J. Darlington has written stories since childhood. Her first novel, Thicker Than Blood, was released from Tyndale House in 2010. It was quickly followed […]

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Tanya Eavenson ~ Unconditional

Tanya Eavenson and her husband have served in church ministry for the past fourteen years. She also writes for Christ to the World Ministries, sharing the […]

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Woman Overboard

By Linda Cox

It’s a conversation I will not likely forget.

I sat next to an elderly lady, listening to her describe a family member as […]

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Gabe Martinez: StompTown Revival

Although Gabe Martinez and Brandon Bee grew up in different parts of the country—Gabe in Texas and Brandon in Washington state—they both developed a passion […]

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Jillian Kent ~ Mystery of the Heart

During the first semester of her senior year at college, while studying British Literature at Oxford, Jillian Kent fell in love with England. It was […]

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