Finding Favour ~ Reborn

A decade ago, Finding Favour (Blake NeeSmith, Allen Dukes, Dustin Daniels, and Josh Duckworth) came together in Lyons, Georgia. In 2012, they signed with Gotee Records and recorded their […]

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Be Our Guest

by Linda Veath

It’s often called the Common Table Prayer. Many know it as a Lutheran prayer. Some attribute it to Martin Luther but that is […]

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Anita Higman ~ Summer’s List

Award winning, bestselling author, Anita Higman has published forty books, both fiction and non-fiction, over the course of the past thirty years. Her book, A Tribute to […]

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Dr. Larry Osborne ~ Thriving in Babylon

Larry Osborne holds both a Master of Divinity and Doctorate degree from Talbot Theological Seminary. Since 1980 he has served as one of the senior pastors at […]

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The Death of a Marriage

by Linda Veath
What started out as a “match made in heaven” with so much potential and so much love ended with bitterness and regret. And […]

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Max Davis ~ Dead Dog Like Me

Max Davis holds degrees in Journalism and Biblical Studies and is the author of more than twenty books. In addition to his own works, he has […]

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