Where Do You Turn When You Need Encouragement?

Have you ever felt like you’d reached the end of the road, a place where you couldn’t imagine what the future might hold? Most of […]

June 27th, 2017|Devotional, Inspirational|Comments Off on Where Do You Turn When You Need Encouragement?

Your Words Have Power

With so many words in the marketplace, it would be easy to dismiss our own as unnecessary. It’s lonely and risky sitting at a computer for […]

May 16th, 2017|Inspirational, Literary|Comments Off on Your Words Have Power

Do You Have Unrealistic Expectations?

Are you an overachiever? Maybe a Type A Perfectionist? 
Take a deep breath — and relax. It is our Father in Heaven Who orders our days. You […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

May the love of God, and the love of others, fill the pages of your day with abundant words of joy.

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Obstacles vs. Goals

Bestselling author and “virtual mentor” Michael Hyatt recently revealed his formula for defeating obstacles and reaching goals. (Read Michael’s blog about Activation Triggers™ here.) If your plans for the New Year […]

January 17th, 2017|Inspirational|Comments Off on Obstacles vs. Goals

Starting New ~ Happy New Year!

We did it! We made it through another year. For some of us, 2016 was a banner year. For others, it was wrought with difficulties. […]

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Don’t Ever Quit

So, you say you want to be a writer?

Let me tell you now, it will take perseverance. It won’t be easy. There will be days when […]

December 13th, 2016|Devotional, Inspirational|Comments Off on Don’t Ever Quit

Blessings in Conflict

Nothing will make you more thankful than going through tough times.
How could that even be possible? It defies logic, doesn’t it? At least by the […]

November 22nd, 2016|Devotional, Inspirational, Literary|Comments Off on Blessings in Conflict

Failure vs. Success

If you love Christian fiction, whether you’re a reader or a writer, I hope you’ll read this post by Dan Balow. It’s one of the most encouraging, […]

November 9th, 2016|Devotional, Inspirational, Literary|Comments Off on Failure vs. Success

What Every Writer Learns

Every writer has the inexplicable urge to write. Not just to play with words (that too), but to say something that matters. Really matters. And, […]

October 25th, 2016|Devotional, Inspirational, Literary|2 Comments