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Have you ever dared to believe you could find God’s forgiveness, even when you can’t forgive yourself?

rtm-book-cvr“Kathy Harris weaves a tale that crosses generations while drawing readers into a dramatic story that has both heart and soul.”
– Ace Collins, the fiction and non-fiction author of more than 60 books, including Reich of Passage and The Christmas Star

“A terrific read beautifully trumpeting the exquisite worth of every human life.”
– Rusty Whitener, A Season Of Miracles, 2011 Christy Award Finalist

“The Road to Mercy is captivating from the very beginning, and no matter how many roads Ms. Harris provides for her characters to walk upon the end results and final destination will leave you a better person for having taken the journey.”
– Joseph S. Bonsall, author and member of The Oak Ridge Boys music group

“…a touchingly beautiful story of finding and holding onto God when the dark shadows of the past and the messiness of everyday life conspire to pry our hands from Him.”
– Tamara Leigh, author of Dreamspell and Restless in Carolina

“The Road to Mercy is an eye-opening and healing novel!”
– Christine Mize, counselor & social worker

“Kathy Harris’ debut novel, The Road to Mercy, is a heartfelt journey through life, where bad things happen to good people – people who not only survive but come shining through with faith, hope, and love.”
– Alice K. Arenz, author of Mirrored Image and The Bouncing Grandma Mystery Series

“… The Road to Mercy is a blessing wrapped up in a novel – a reminder of the kindness of God.”
~ Rebecca St. James, Singer, author, actress

“… I recommend The Road To Mercy to those who are struggling with their faith or believing God is good in a world of pain. I recommend it for those who are struggling with the issues surrounding a crisis pregnancy. I recommend it for those of faith and those of conscience. The Road To Mercy will take you down a road that will change your life for the better.”
~ Claire Culwell, Abortion survivor, national speaker and soon-to-be author

“The Road to Mercy is a redeeming story of faith, forgiveness, and healing that touches your heart and keeps your eyes
glued to the page…”
~ Sherry Kyle, author of Delivered with Love

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Kathy is the literary agent for Joseph S. Bonsall, a member of the country-pop-gospel group, The Oak Ridge Boys. Joe is the author of the bestselling memoir, G.I. Joe & Lillie: A Life of Love & Remembrance (New Leaf Press) and a new autobiography On the Road with The Oak Ridge Boys: Forty Years of Untold Stories & Adventures (Harvest House).

Kathy contributed to the following books as a writer or agent.