Photo: Bigstock

by Linda Veath

I waved goodbye to a friend who had dropped by for a short visit. As she walked away, I realized how much of our time had been spent talking about COVID-19. Interestingly, nearly every conversation I had right now included a lengthy discussion about the virus. And nearly everyone I talked to—male or female—including this friend, usually closed our conversation by admitting that they were confused.

What’s going on, Lord? Why are things so out of control? Where do we go from here? And how do we face this unknown?

It’s not just the virus. There are natural disasters, stock market fears, and weather crisis. Our nation is facing political infighting. Racial divide. Unrest. Why is this happening? And why now? 

We cry out to God, asking why He doesn’t do something. Yet, while we’re confused, He is not. 

From Corinthians 14 ……

            Vs. 33 …. God is not the author of confusion but of peace ….

            Vs. 40 …. Let all things be done decently and in order.

            Vs. 28 …. Let all things be done for edification

The Bible reminds us that whatever is going on in our world comes to us under God’s order. What appears to us as confusion is really Him at work. His presence and His peace are in all the things going on around us.

May we seek His presence—His power, His love—as we face each day. And may we always remember that what appears to us to be confusion in the world is under His control. Decently, and in His order. Always.