by Linda Veath

Photo by Bigstock

Beautiful words fill my mind. I am speaking of royal things. My tongue is like the pen of a skilled writer. ~ Psalm 45:1 (NCV)

I’m just two days from my deadline for Divine Detour, and there is nothing in my head. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Nary a word.

What in the world should I write?

As I murmured, my predicament seemed to grow. And then I looked at my predicament more closely. I hung my head in shame. 

Just think … the very essence of God is The Word. Yet, I, His human child, couldn’t think of anything to write about?

I could write about His beautiful Creation, which covers us every day with God’s love. The mountains and the beaches bring peace and awe. The clouds carve magnificence into our skies. His rain grows the crops to provide our food. His shelter keeps us safe. I could go on and on.

But most importantly, God, the Father, gave us His Son to die on the cross to forgive us all our sins. Jesus’ blood brings salvation to all who believe in Him. The joy and anticipation of living in heaven with the Lord brings celebration beyond all comprehension. 

As these thoughts spun around and around in my mind, I realized that it was us humans who have a problem expressing ourselves. How could I even begin to think there was nothing to write about? 

When we look to our Lord, He covers us with His love. And reminds us that His beautiful words, both spoken and unspoken, are always enough to fill our hearts with joy, especially when we share them with others.

And now, I’ll start writing my “nothing to write” piece for Divine Detour. 

Lord, Your Word is everlasting; it continues forever in heaven. ~ Psalm 119:89 (NCV)