The Gift of Waiting

by Linda Veath

I waited patiently and expectantly for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry. ~ Psalm 40:1 AMP

Waiting’s a gift? No doubt many of you are wondering if I’ve ever been in a Wal-mart. Or stuck in heavy, slow-moving traffic. Or squirmed in a doctor’s office for hours at a time.

The answer is yes. I also confess that I do not wait well. I may be retired, but I have things to do and people to see. How dare someone (or something) make me wait!

But, I’ve discovered that there can actually be a blessing hidden in the waiting if we’re willing to look for it. Sometimes we have to be stopped—required to wait—so we will pay attention to God’s work. When we’re busy we often fail to see Him or listen to Him, and consequently miss seeing or listening to His children who cross our paths.

[ctt title=”Sometimes we have to be stopped—required to wait—so we will pay attention to God’s work.” tweet=”Sometimes we have to be stopped—required to wait—so we will pay attention to God’s work.” coverup=”66LHa”]

Standing in line at my local Wal-Mart is a pain. But, maybe, God is giving me time to talk to the person in line with me. Or to see the people walking by who need to be lifted to God in prayer.

Being caught in slow traffic—or completely stopped—can grind on our nerves. But we aren’t the only ones waiting. We can pray for others stuck in the traffic with us. Or we can look at God’s creation and praise Him. (BTW—no cell phones or iPads allowed!)

Waiting in a doctor’s office can raise anybody’s blood pressure. But could there be a batter place to share our faith? Once again, we can take time to visit with the people waiting with us. Or we can read that book we’ve been trying to finish for days.

How often we rush around doing our errands, trying to get everything done, and fret over every minute we have to wait, when we could simply let go and enjoy the wait God has given us. It may not be what we would have chosen, but it most likely is what God chooses for us.

Waiting is part of life. Why not use it to absorb our surroundings, to enjoy a quiet moment. Moments that hold God’s promises and potential blessings, because God is waiting there with us.

Lord, as we wait, please open our eyes that we might look expectantly for the blessings You have prepared for us and give You thanks for the gift of waiting. Amen.

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