We Get Mercy

Mercy. It’s one of my favorite topics. In fact, I wrote a novel with mercy as the theme. But what took me 75,000 words to discuss, Pastor Lyle Larson sums up perfectly in less than a dozen words.

Christianity isn’t about getting what we deserve. Instead, we get mercy.

That mercy comes to us by way of the Christ child, Who was born in a manger and lived a life without sin, and then died on a cross for our sins—yours and mine. The Apostle Paul put it this way: For God sent Christ Jesus to take the punishment for our sins and to end all God’s anger against us. He used Christ’s blood and our faith as the means of saving us from his wrath. Romans 3:25a TLB

The gift of mercy. It was given to us by God on the first Christmas more than 2000 years ago. And there has never been a better gift.

~ Kathy Harris

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