Tragedy, love, and secrets meet on a journey of faith.

I logged onto one day this week and saw the ten words above printed beneath the description for my debut novel, The Road to Mercy—and they caught me by surprise. Someone from the Abingdon Press staff had taken the book’s 75,000 words and effectively capsulized them into only ten.

Later it struck me that someday someone will similarly summarize my earthly existence—and yours—in only a few words. Perhaps they already have. I wonder what kind of epitaph my actions—based on a single personal encounter or a lifetime relationship—have already inspired. More importantly, I wonder how I can best finish my story so it positively impacts those I meet.

Our personal story is written one day at a time. But together those days—and years—add up to who we are. If you could choose only ten words that others would use to summarize your life, what would they be? And how will you go about earning them?

~ Kathy Harris