by Linda Veath

I was pushed back and about to fall, but the Lord helped me. The Lord is my strength, and my song; He has become my salvation. ~ Psalm 118:13-14 NIV (Photo Credit: Bigstock)

Mr. Nellie, my pit bull, loves for me to lie down on the floor next to him. We bat a few paws, and I endure wet kisses until he pushes me away, with his leg completely extended to distance me.

Let’s just call it “doggie distancing.”

Mr. Nellie pushing me back is all fun. But social distancing, as we’re experiencing it now during a pandemic, is a life saving effort. An act of irony, in which we show our love by distancing rather than drawing close.

I am thankful for the protection this brings. But I am even more thankful that we have a God who does not push away during our times of trouble. A God Who doesn’t follow the six-foot rule.

Although we don’t see Him, He is there. He loves us and watches our every step, leading with His Holy Word. And filling our hearts with His joy, His promises, and His peace. At a time when we are separated from those we love, we can take solace in Christ. We can read His Word, pray to Him, and sing His hymns.

The world may be social distancing. But we can snuggle in God’s arms and relax. Remember that He won’t push you away. He will keep you close, as He leads you every day.