Businesswoman sitting at the table with clock. Waiting for break

God used that time to remind me of how ungrateful I can be… How much I take His blessings for granted.

by Linda Veath

When the electricity for my house went off at 5:30 p.m.—thanks to a rain-free storm—and didn’t come back on for 17.5 hours, I spent way too much time whining. Even though God would remind me of my blessings, and I’d whisper “thank you, Lord,” I’d return to whining shortly thereafter.

That night I couldn’t read without light …

And God reminded me of those who have no light every day, who do not have access to books, who are blind, or don’t know how to read.

I was hot after just four hours of no power, wondering how I could sleep without AC or without the soothing noise of my fan to relax me.

And God reminded me of those who have no AC or fans. Who don’t even have a bed or a house to sleep in. Of those who try to sleep with the noise of gun fire in the distance, never knowing if they might be shot, abused, or kidnapped.

I had water, but showering in the dark? What if I ran out of hot water?

God reminded me of those who don’t have running water and carry buckets of water for long distances. Those who are thirsty. Those who have no bathrooms.

Those who err in spirit will come to understanding, and those who murmur

[discontentedly] will accept instruction. ~ Isaiah 29:24 AMP

At breakfast time, I couldn’t even toast my English muffin! Eat it untoasted? I don’t think so.

God reminded me that my untoasted muffin with peanut butter, honey, and banana would be a feast for many.

If I could have only gone to the store. But my car was trapped inside the garage.

God reminded me of the people who have no transportation. No money for groceries. And of those who live in a war torn or poverty stricken nation where shelves are bare.

By 10:30 a.m. the second day, when the electricity came back on, I’d gone for 17.5 hours without it. And God used that time to remind me of how ungrateful I can be. How much I take His blessings for granted. AND how I fail to share those blessings with people who are in need.

Yes, I did a happy dance when the lights came on but I also bowed my head in prayer: Thank You, Lord, for adjusting my attitude. Please forgive me when I whine.