A sought-after speaker and the author of a number of books, Becky Harling earned her degree in biblical literature, but she shares from a much broader perspective—her experiences as a missionary, a women’s ministries director, and a survivor of breast cancer, as well as childhood sexual abuse. She’s passionate about helping women find hope in a world that can sometimes feel hopeless.

Becky and her husband, Steve, who pastors Foothills Community Church in Arvada Colorado, have four grown children and four grandchildren.

What sparked your writing journey? Did speaking, or writing, come first?

Speaking came first for me but I felt a strong pull from the Lord that I was to start writing as well. My mentor, Linda Dillow, gave my name to a publishing company and also connected me with her editor. From there, God began to open more doors.

How does your faith play into your work?

My faith plays into my work heavily. I write non-fiction and every book I write is built around a topic that God has taught me.

Has God ever provided an unexpected “detour” in your life that turned out to be positive?

Absolutely. In the year 2000, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy and several follow up surgeries. Cancer was very clarifying for me and allowed me to nestle down in the presence of God. During that time my faith grew much deeper. Several of my books were born out of that season.

Let’s talk about your new book, 30 Day Praise Challenge (David C. Cook, August 2013). Please tell us about it—and what inspired it.

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer my mentor challenged me to spend twenty minutes a day praising God. I remember thinking, “What a bizarre suggestion! I don’t feel like praising God.” But, I decided to give praise a shot. What I experienced on those first few days was so amazing that I continued to set aside intentional time for praise every day. I believe that praising God and exalting Him—no matter what our circumstances—is pivotal to our spiritual transformation. We become like the One we worship. (Psalm 115:4-8)

The book is a 30-day devotional designed to guide women and men to praise God. Each day begins with an invitation to praise, as written by God Himself. Each day also includes praise song suggestions by some of the top American worship artists as well as a prayer of praise and a journal idea. My prayer is that many will take the challenge and that God will use it to spark revival.

God often uses our writing to teach us something. What did you learn (about life, faith, and/or even yourself) in the process of writing this book?

I learned to depend more heavily on and listen more closely to the Holy Spirit. Jesus taught that we can’t do anything on our own–boy was He right! As I leaned into the Holy Spirit He gave the words.

A few fun questions…

When the words aren’t flowing—or when you want to celebrate if they are—what is your favorite comfort food and why?

Coffee. I love strong coffee. It warms my soul.

This website features musicians as well as writers. Do you have musical, as well as literary, talent?

I used to sing and play piano. I don’t do much of that any more except at home.

If you were a song, what kind of song would you be?

A contemporary praise song.

In the story that is your life, are you the strong, female lead; the girl next door; the mysterious woman behind dark glasses; the super heroine; or the little girl trying to walk in high heels?

The little girl walking in high heels!

I’m a dog lover. Please tell us about your pets, if any, or your favorite pet as a child.

My favorite pet was Maverick. (My husband and I had him a few years ago.) He was a golden doodle. He was sweet but very emotionally needy–really needed a doggie psychologist! He was extremely goofy looking but sweet just the same.

Thanks, Becky! It’s nice to have you as a guest at DivineDetour.

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