What do Jeffery Deaver, Lee Child, and Kathy Reichs have in common?

• All are New York Times Bestselling authors.

• Each has had stories showcased in movies or on television.

Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme character inspired the 1999 box office thriller The Bone Collector, starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. Child’s Jack Reacher Series debuted on the big screen last year with Tom Cruise in the leading role. And Kathy Reichs’ personal story as a forensic anthropologist is the inspiration behind the hit television series Bones.

• And… they have all been (or in Reichs’ case will be this year) a guest speaker at Writers Police Academy, the premier crime and suspense writer’s conference in the world. WPA is hosted by veteran police investigator Lee Lofland, who is also the author of Police Procedure & Investigation.

If you’re a suspense or crime writer—or if you want to hang out with them—don’t miss this year’s WPA. Registration starts today, and the limited number of slots goes quickly.

My husband Larry (left) with Lee Child at the 2012 Writers Police Academy.