Days of Small Things

by Linda Veath

Small Things DD memeZerubbabel faced a seemingly over-whelming task—rebuilding the temple of God after the Israelites returned from captivity. When the people saw the completed foundation, they were disappointed. Not only was it smaller than the one that had been destroyed by the Babylonians it seemed to be taking forever to complete.

Enter Zechariah. God’s prophet sent to encourage Zerubbabel. Zechariah reminded the Israelites that God did not despise “the day of small things” and eventually the temple would be finished.

Like the Israelites, do we also despise the day of small things?

  • That small church attendance we grumbled about Sunday may have included one person who needed God’s Word of encouragement that morning.
  • Do we heap accolades on big donors, when it’s the Sunday school teacher living on social security who changes the lives of our children?
  • And the author discouraged by low book sales may one day see how his dedication was multiplied after receiving a note from a reader explaining how that book affected his or her life.

Too often we look at bigger as better and miss the significance of the small things God places in front of us. What might come of encouraging an overwhelmed checker at Wal-Mart? Or sending a card to someone in mourning? Offering to hold a crying baby for the harried mother who must attend to her other children? Or leaving an extra tip (or a pamphlet on Christ’s love) for a waitress.

Only God knows. And multiplies.

Thankfully, no work done in the name of Christ is trivial in the eyes of our Lord. It might seem insignificant to us but God rejoices when we are faithful in the small things. He might even be starting something with us that won’t reach completion for years.

As an old hymn says so well: “Little is much when God is in it.” May we gladly do the little things and leave the results to God.

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