How to Attract and Delight Book Clubs

By DiAnn Mills


Writers long for book clubs to feature their books. We are excited, passionate, and thrilled to take the readers on a new adventure. But how do we entice book clubs to choose our books? How can we make selecting our stories an easy and enthusiastic choice?

Most importantly, writers must create a great book that appeals to readers of our genre. It’s all about the reader.

Let’s start with the basics. What is a book club?

A book club is a group of people who come together to read and discuss books. Everyone reads the same book, then they get together and share in an honest forum about the book’s content. Some groups meet in person at bookstores, churches, host homes, libraries, community centers, or restaurants. Other groups meet online.

Book clubs offer friendship, social time, lively discussions, and an opportunity to learn about other cultures and how those people live. It’s a win-win situation for all book lovers.

What do book club members discuss?

  • What they enjoyed about a book, enthusiastically.
  • What they disliked—with lots of comments.
  • Their opinions—lots of those too.
  • Book takeaways—this is an asset for book club members.
  • How can each member apply what happened in this book to their life?
  • How has the book changed them?
  • Would the member read another book by this author?

A writer who joins a book club discussion gains more insight into what readers look for and demand. For the author longing to have their book chosen, consider the following:

  • What types of books has this book club read?
  • What genre appeals to the members?
  • How is your book like what the members have previously read?
  • How is your book different?
  • What qualities about your book make it unique? What will enhance the experience for the book club.
  • Brainstorm ways to entice book clubs to read your book.

A writer who offers to attend a book club meeting that features their book has the potential to invest in readers’ lives and form lasting friendships. When an in-person visit isn’t possible, Zoom is another way to share your book with others.

What we’ve covered so far is practical, but what about the search for the perfect book club?

  • Poll readers on social media platforms to see if they are book club members.
  • Contact those who are book club members with a brief note. For example: Is your book club looking for a (thrilling, romantic, heartwarming) novel? I’d like to send you or the hostess a copy of (title). If your group meets near me, I’d love to attend. I could also Zoom into your meeting. Look at the assortment of book club ideas on my website (link). Feel free to download any of these book club helps. (That does mean the writer must provide book club ideas on their website before contacting the book club.)
  • Google online book clubs. Narrow your search to a specific geographical area or genre.
  • Check with directors in charge of the following:
    • Churches—adult and youth. Including church libraries and bookstores.
    • Community centers
    • Private schools
    • Senior living facilities
    • Subdivision organizations
    • Specialty men’s or women’s organizations
  • Conduct a Twitter search for book clubs or genre-specific book clubs.
  • On my website is a tab devoted to book clubs. Reader activities are in place for Facing the Enemy and previous titles. Check them out. Who knows? You may find inspiration for your own book release or for your readers.
  • Design a Pinterest board for each book to assist book club hosts.
  • Create blog and newsletter posts about the book and its value to the reader.
  • Take advantage of online resources to create games for the book club/readers. For example:
    • Word search using information from the book.
    • Crossword puzzle using information from the book.
    • Other sources to create online word games. 

Engaging Book Club Members at the Event

  • Have a thank-you card and a small gift for the hostess.
  • Arrive early and greet each member.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Be transparent.
  • Take pics and request permission to post online.
  • Share stories.
  • Be fun.
  • Thank everyone.

What tips do you have to attract and delight book clubs?

Photo credit: Lynette Eason, 2022

Photo credit: Lynette Eason, 2022

DiAnn Mills is a bestselling author who believes her readers should expect an adventure. She creates action-packed, suspense-filled novels to thrill readers. Her titles have appeared on the CBA and ECPA bestseller lists and won two Christy Awards, the Golden Scroll, Inspirational Reader’s Choice, and Carol Award contests. DiAnn’s latest novel, Facing the Enemy, releases from Tyndale in September 2023. Connect with DiAnn at




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