by Linda Veath

Photo by iStock

Whew! The holidays are winding down. The year 2019 will soon become 2020. Where did the time go? It seems like we were just starting to decorate the house, and now we are putting those decorations away.

And, yes, even though we may have run ourselves ragged, we took time to celebrate, donning our holiday clothes and attending a candlelight service or two. We feel good about ourselves, as we sit in our easy chair and declare that we had another blessed Christmas.

But have we taken the Christ child, Jesus, with us?

We may waddle somewhat because we spent so much time eating, as we return the gifts that don’t fit our bodies or our tastes. And the mailbox will no longer be fun to visit, because we will soon be receiving more bills than greetings. But, although we may have enjoyed the fellowship with lots of family and friends and attended a number of beautiful celebrations, did we take the Christ child, Jesus, with us?

Do we see Christ more clearly now? Have we grown more gracious? More generous? And stronger in grace, since the season began? Will we remember throughout the New Year to visit a shut-in? To give to the poor? To encourage God’s children, both young and young at heart? And in doing those things, will we always remember to take the child Jesus with us?

No matter what 2020 brings for you, our Creator and Sustainer God will be there to help. He is the Gift that is everlasting. And, whatever else we have—or don’t have—in this life, we have eternal life through our faith in Christ.

May we all have the love and desire to take the child Jesus with us as we continue to learn from Him each and every day in 2020. Amen.