By Linda Veath Cox

I read recently that color wasn’t “necessary” in our world. That a black and white world would function just fine.

Now I’m no scientist, so I don’t know if that’s really true or not. But it made me take a new look at color in this world. While I had seen the beauty all around me in God’s creation, had I really appreciated the COLORS of it all?

The pale hues of spring. The deep greens and bright yellows of summer. The browns and oranges of fall. And the grays and sparkling whites of winter.

The brilliant reds and yellows of tulips. The soft pinks and whites of roses. The purple of lilacs and irises. The bright orange of lilies.

The blues of the oceans. The purple of the mountains. The greens of the valleys.

And then the skies. What absolutely amazing skies God paints for us. White clouds constantly changing shapes against the brilliant blue sky. Sunrises bursting on the horizon to welcome another day. Sunsets leaving behind awesome hues as they gently bid goodnight.

Their beauty lasts only a short while. Yet, whether it’s each day or each season, God continually paints another beautiful masterpiece for us. Yes indeed. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork. Psalm 19:1-2 (KJV)

But another Bible verse comes to mind too. Genesis 37:3 (KJV)

Jacob showed his love for his son by giving him a colorful garment. He could have given him a plain coat. But because of his love for Joseph, he gave him something beautiful. And God has done the same for us. He loves us so much that He gave us a world of many colors.

Earthly children often color pictures for their parents. And parents accept them with a smile and say, “For me? It’s beautiful! Thank you!”

Our Heavenly Father—who colored His Son Jesus red with His shed blood that we might wear His white robe of righteousness—colors His beautiful world new each day and gives it to us—His children.

So the next time we see an amazing sunset or a brilliantly colored flower, may we look to heaven and say, “For me? It’s beautiful! Thank You, Lord!”

And thank You, Lord, for coloring us grateful!

Linda Veath Cox is a regular contributor to DivineDetour. She recently retired after twenty-five years as a district office secretary for the State of Illinois. Her first loves are studying the Bible and reading, but she occasionally tries her hand at writing. Her work is published in All My Bad Habits I Learned from Grandpa (Thomas Nelson),The One-Year Life Verse Devotional (Tyndale), Life Lessons from Grandparents (Write Integrity), Love Is a Verb (a devotional from Bethany House), and Chicken Soup for the Soul’s I Can’t Believe My Dog Did That. She lives in a small town in the Midwest with the “Bone Mafia,” her two indoor/outdoor mutts.

~ Photos courtesy of Linda’s friend Martha