Just Like the Robins

by Linda Veath

And there will be a shelter to give shade from the heat by day, and refuge and protection from the storm and the rain. — Isaiah 4:6 (NASB)

All it took was one look at the sky and I drove home as quickly as possible. I pulled into the garage just as the unexpected storm hit. Happy dogs greeted me as I ran inside the house. I headed for the large window in the living room to see how bad it was. With two pooches stuck to me, I might add.

The pouring rain came down horizontally while leaves and twigs flew everywhere. Both pooches and I let out big sighs when the rain finally stopped, and I walked outside to survey the damage. None in my yard, but a couple of neighbors had parts of big trees down. As the day wore on I learned just how much damage had been done.

Walking around, picking up sticks, I prayed, “Thank you, Lord.” Then I glanced at my front door and actually gasped. I had forgotten about the robin’s nest sitting precariously on the metal rod connecting the light fixture to the brick wall on my front porch.

I knew immediately that the Lord was showing me a big object lesson on His care for us. The four babies in the nest were safe. The winds had blown. The rain had poured. I’m not so sure that the big, bad wolf didn’t huff and puff too. But that nest and its precious cargo were completely safe. God protected the four baby robins.

Just as He protected me and will continue to protect all of us in the storms that blow our way.  Whether it’s a tornado or cancer or death or loss of job or loneliness. He will be with us in the eye of every storm.

Psalm 91 tells us that His refuge is strong and secure. Isaiah 28 reminds us that His promise of protection becomes the sure foundation of our lives. And not only is Jesus our protector in the storms, He is our Savior—the only name under heaven by whom we are saved.

Our refuge. Our foundation. Our Savior Jesus. No wonder we can rest in the midst of the storm. Just like the robins.


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