Even Before We Pray

by Linda Veath

Even before they call to me, I shall answer, and while they are still speaking, I shall respond. ~ Isaiah 65:24 REB

Getting out of bed was hard that morning. I’d already hit the snooze too many times for a Sunday, and I knew I had to get up with the next one. That’s when I heard the click-click-click of doggie paws coming down the hallway, and just as the next snooze alarm went off, my two mutts jumped onto my bed and gave me their get up, mama” look.

How did they do that? How did they know which snooze alarm was the get-up one before it went off?

It amazed me that the dogs arrived ahead of the alarm, but what should amaze me even more is how our God, the One Who knows our every need, starts meeting our needs and answering our prayers even before we ask Him.

What joy and peace that should bring to our hearts. His answers may not be the answers we were asking for. And they may not come in the time that we would like. But they will be exactly what we need, when we need them. That’s how much He loves us!

… your Father knows what your needs are before you ask Him. ~ Matthew 6:8 REB

It might have been coincidence that my dogs arrived just as the snooze went off. But its never a coincidence when God starts the answer to our prayer even before we pray. Its a promise!

Promise-Keeping God, we thank You that You hear our prayers even before we say them. That You knew before we did that we needed a Savior and sent us Jesus. In joyful thanksgiving and in Jesusname, Amen!

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