Christian singer-drummer-songwriter Michael Feighan transitions from metal into the contemporary rock genre with the release of his first solo album. The new project, Someone Prayed, offers a message of hope and redemption.

Michael Feighan’s high profile music career began as a drummer with the band Whitecross, which took him across the United States, South America and Europe and included winning a series of Gospel Music Association Dove awards. Later, Michael played with the band Curious Fools, as well as with Oz Fox of Stryper, Guardian, B. J. Thomas and others. Because of Michael’s quiet, unassuming personality, he was most comfortable behind the drums and singing backup vocals until encouragement from a special mentor in his church helped him to step out of his comfort zone and go solo.

Michael, his wife, Christie, and their daughter, Tatiana, live in Texas.

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What started you on your musical journey?

I started my musical journey at around fifteen years old while listening to tapes my dad had of the group Kiss and Rod Stewart. I felt a pull in that direction and a desire to go down this road of music. Both of my parents were big music lovers, even though they were not musicians, but music was a big part of their life and it became a part of mine.

Our Heavenly Father often writes in a twist that ultimately blesses us more than our original plan. Have you ever experienced one of those “Divine Detours” in your career?

I have definitely experienced a Divine Detour from our Heavenly Father!! Last year, right before the world turned upside down with Covid, I had a friend that wanted to help me with my first solo project, but I was just too busy to devote the time needed. There was no way I could stop my current work at that time and devote my focus on a solo project. Well, once Covid hit, most of my work was cancelled and as a full-time musician this was pretty scary.

However, God had other plans. I decided this was the perfect time to jump into this solo thing with both feet. God has blessed me so much with the people He brought into my life for this project. It’s just mind boggling to me. Now, I have released my first single, “I Still Believe,” from my debut EP. Absolutely, all glory to God, as there’s no way this could have happened without this Divine Detour.

Let’s talk about your new EP, Someone Prayed (October 2021). Please tell us about it.

My new EP, Someone Prayed, is something I’m so proud of and very excited for it to be released on October 15. I was so blessed to have some brilliant songwriters who love Jesus and co-wrote on this with me. My songs were all written from personal experiences.

There are songs about the adoption of my daughter from Russia, and the healing of my wife who went through a very difficult time. There is also a Christian patriotic song on this EP. A friend who helped me get this whole project going, asked if I would consider writing a patriotic song because our country was in such need of God and encouragement. The production came out so wonderful, and with players like Matt and Gregg Bissonette who I have been a fan of for so long, you can’t go wrong. I want these songs to be a blessing to those who hear them and to give them hope in a God Who loves us more than we could ever imagine.

Your song Someone Prayed—and the related ministry—has an incredible message. What led you to write the song?

For the song “Someone Prayed,” my old band mate from Whitecross, Butch Dillon, who is also a great producer and songwriter, brought the idea to me. It was a very small snippet of the song but I could feel the heart in it. I had an idea for the chorus, so we got to work and it came out just beautiful. I think this is a song anyone can relate to, because someone, somewhere is praying for you.

A few fun questions…

What is your favorite comfort food and why?

My favorite comfort food would probably be pizza. My wife and I try to eat pretty healthy, but if I’m going to have something not on the healthy diet, it’s probably pizza.

What Bible passage or story best describes your journey of faith?

It’s difficult to pick one, but the Bible passage that best describes my journey of faith would definitely be 1 Peter 5:6,7, Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

This is big for me because so many times I have to cast my care onto Him. I also think Galatians 3:13 is another big one as well, because it says Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, and when you look at the curse and what He has redeemed us from it’s pretty amazing!

Isaiah 53:4,5 is a huge one for me. By His stripes we are healed!

In the story that is your life, are you the tall, dark stranger; the romantic lead; the mythical warrior; the mad scientist; or the child in an adult’s body?

LOL, this question I had to really ponder, but I think I am a bit of all of these. I am the tall dark stranger at times, but I can also be the romantic lead and mythical warrior. The mad scientist I’m not sure about, except maybe when I’m in writing and music mode. And, yes, the child in the adult’s body applies because I don’t want to grow up.

I’m a dog lover. Please tell us about your pets, if any, or your favorite pet as a child.

I’m also a dog lover. Dogs are amazing and they just seem to love you unconditionally. My favorite pet was a King Charles cocker spaniel. I’m more of a big dog person, but my wife is not, so we settled on adopting the small cocker spaniel. He was such an amazing dog and brought such joy to our lives. I miss that dude!

Thanks, Michael! It’s great to have you as a guest at Divine Detour.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to be part of Divine Detour. Blessings!!

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