by Linda Veath

Photo by Bigstock

Our church, including GiGi, our support dog, was settling in for the Sunday morning worship service. I had just taken my usual back seat when we started singing our first hymn, and I heard a familiar noise coming down the aisle. 

GiGi had left her owner and was heading straight for me. I lifted my head just in time to get dog spit on my face. Never mind. The happiness on GiGi’s face was way better than dog spit. She was so happy to see me that morning, even without the usual dog treats I bring for her.

I was happy to see her too. I had been in a down mood that day until I saw her excited face, but she made me so happy I almost jumped up and jiggle-wiggled with her.

GiGi reminded me of the people who are excited to be back in church after a long absence. And she welcomed all of us, whether we were long time members or visitors, with the same doggie smile and a zeal that said, ‘I’m glad you’re here.’

Hmmm … I ask you … Are you as happy as GiGi to be back in church? Do you welcome others as GiGi does? Do you respond to the efforts of others to say ‘good morning’ to you? I wonder how God feels when we return after a long absence. It’s hard to think of the Lord dancing, but I bet He does when His prodigals return. 

GiGi was happy to be back and made us all feel welcome. As Christians, we should be happy and welcoming to others too. I’m sure GiGi would gladly teach us how to jiggle-wiggle dance with them.

Luke 15:32 ~ We had to celebrate this happy day. For your brother was dead and has come back to life! He was lost but now he is home.