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I’m always honored to write for the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) blog. Inspired by the 2018 football playoffs, this post was a bit unusual. 

Please allow me to interrupt the post I’d originally planned for today to journey into the land of “what if.” After all, we’re an organization of “what if” writers, and it’s imagination that inspires our stories.

I recently interviewed Chris Fabry for my personal blog, and reading about Chris’ new book Under a Cloudless Sky reminded me of my favorite Chris Fabry novel, Almost Heaven. In it, Chris creates some of the best, most believable scenes from an angel’s point-of-view that I’ve ever read. I’m still marveling at his work tonight as I think about writing this post, while watching a football game.

Yes. I’m multi-tasking, which is, you know, akin to plotting….

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