Transformational Fiction is fiction that deals with tough issues. It seeks to show how God’s Truth transforms characters on their journey. And it invites the reader to journey with them.

Sometimes contemporary, sometimes historical, transformational Christian fiction stories are as different as the authors who write them. They may be gritty, humorous, or steeped in romance. But each has been written with the goal to transform lives through the power of the Christian message.

Almost a year ago nearly two dozen “transformational fiction” authors came together to encourage each other—just as they try to encourage readers through their books. I’m blessed to be among the group, and I want to “introduce” you to the other twenty-one. Click their names to visit their websites. Click on their book covers for purchase information about their latest book. And to visit the Transformational Fiction Facebook page, click the graphic above.

Christa Allan

Nikki Arana

Lena Nelson Dooley

Rosslyn Elliott

Cathy Gohlke

Jessie Gunderson


Kathy Harris

Lance LaCoax

Patti Lacy

Tamara Leigh

Julie Lessman

Kathi Macias

Kay Moser

Deborah Piccurelli

Kiersti Plog *

Cathy Richmond

Marlo Schalesky

Staci Stallings

MaryLu Tyndall

Dan Walsh

Ginny Yttrup

Pre-order available

Penny A. Zeller

* Kiersti is pre-published at this time