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By Linda Veath

I felt totally helpless as I watched my friend burn the candle at both ends, juggling all the various “plates” in her life. Included in those “plates” was the start up of her own blog—Divine Detour. Separated by many miles, I felt like my hands were tied in helping her.

“Lord, please show me how to help her” was my constant prayer.

Then, one Sunday morning—in the shower, no less—that quiet little voice in my head spoke to me. Offer to write something for Divine Detour that she can use as a filler when needed. I almost choked on the soapy water running down my face as I said to myself “How presumptuous of you. Quit kidding yourself. That’s beyond you.” So I pushed that thought out of my mind and went back into “how can I help her?” mode.


That Monday—the. very. next. day.—my friend sent me an email. Asking me a question. I gasped as I read it. “What would you think about writing Sunday devotions for Divine Detour?” Butterflies immediately started fluttering in the pit of my stomach. Dare I try writing devotions? And then I realized only God could have designed this. I immediately replied to my friend with a “yes” and an explanation of what had just happened.

I also sent up another prayer. That I would be able to write those devotions. And I have been able to do that. For four years this month. Actually that’s not quite right. God wrote those devotions. He provided me with all the words.

There’s a saying “If God calls you to do it, He will give you what you need to do it.” Now I’m living proof of that. God calls each of us to various tasks in our walk with Him. And He’ll give us just what we need, when we need it, to accomplish His will and bring glory to Him. And bless us in the process.

God has blessed me as a Divine Detour contributor. I have learned and grown as a writer. But even more so I’ve grown in my walk with the Lord. And I pray that Divine Detour has blessed your walk with the Lord as well.