Jordyn Redwood is a nurse by day and a suspense novelist by night. Her debut novel, Proof, released June 1.

A self-professed medical nerd, who has specialized in critical care and emergency nursing for nearly two decades, she loves to weave medical mystery into her story lines and then watch her characters navigate through the chaos she creates. Her blog, Redwood’s Medical Edge, is devoted to helping authors write medically accurate fiction.

Jordyn lives in Colorado with her husband and two daughters.

When/how did your passion for medicine evolve into a passion for writing novels?

Kathy, first, thank you so much for having me. I am so grateful for being here with you and your readers today.

My love for writing came first. I remember penning stories from the time I could put sentences together about those things in my environment. However, the wise adults in my life didn’t think I could make a career out of writing and encouraged me to find something that would “pay the bills.”

I loved helping people when they were injured. I was an athletic trainer in high school, first aid responder for the Red Cross, and also taught CPR classes for them.

At heart, I’m a medical nerd. I love reading medical textbooks for fun. I’m intrigued by the human body, how it works, and what happens when things go awry. Particularly with the brain. This passion, coupled with a love of suspense and writing, evolved into writing medical thrillers. My two loves in one exciting package.

How does your faith play into your writing?

As a Christian, I find it hard not to write about matters of faith because it’s structurally part of who I am and it bleeds into every area of my life. The first novels I wrote during my high school and college years wouldn’t have brought people closer to God—but may have actually done the opposite. For many years, I think God was slowly working in me, refining my faith, and at one point I said—ultimately, I have to write a God honoring message.

Let’s talk about your new book, Proof (Kregel Publications, June 2012). Please tell us about it.

Proof deals with the real life possibility of DNA testing setting a guilty criminal free. Lilly Reeves is the fifth victim of a serial rapist and though she correctly identifies her assailant to the police, DNA testing sets him free. In order to reclaim her life, Lilly endeavors on her own search to unravel the mystery of his DNA.

Besides entertainment, what do you hope readers will take away from it?

What I really hope readers will take away is the sacrificial nature of Christ’s love for us. This is really the crux of Lilly’s journey.

God often uses our stories to teach us when we’re writing them. What did you learn (about life, faith, and/or even yourself) in the process of writing this book?

The whole journey of this novel becoming published was born from me finally submitting my will to the Lord’s. That’s very hard for a chaos controlling ER nurse to do. It’s outside my nature to let others take control. But, when you are obedient to God’s plan for your life, amazing things do happen. That’s what I’ve learned.

Has God ever provided an unexpected “detour” in your life that turned out to be positive?

Well, I said at one time that I’d never move to Kansas and that’s the only place I could find a nursing job when I graduated. Happily, I met my husband and both my daughters were born there so now, Kansas holds a very special place in my heart.

A few fun questions…

When the words aren’t flowing—or when you want to celebrate if they are—what is your favorite comfort food and why?

Oh, there are too many to name but chocolate and a regular Coke (the beverage of course!) are my celebratory favorites.

This website features musicians as well as writers. Do you have musical, as well as literary, talent?

I am a big music lover. I’ve played piano, flute, piccolo, and the marching mellophone. My true love is the acoustic guitar and I would love to play more. I’ve done a praise and worship band before and I would love to do it again.

If you were a song, what kind of song would you be?

Any song with a good, driving beat. I need that for workouts.

In the story that is your life, are you the strong, female lead; the girl next door; the mysterious woman behind dark glasses; the super heroine; or the little girl trying to walk in high heels?

I’m going to pick the mysterious woman behind dark glasses. I won’t expand on that because then I wouldn’t be very mysterious!

I’m a dog lover. Please tell us about your pets, if any, or your favorite pet as a child.

Oohh, I love dogs too. Currently, we have one dog. Harley’s a mixed breed rescue dog though he looks just like a white lab. And one beta fish named Bluey (guess what color?!?). Growing up, we had a cocker spaniel named Lady after the cocker in Lady and the Tramp. She was a great dog.

Thanks, Jordyn! It’s great to have you as a guest at DivineDetour.

Thank you so much for having me. It’s great fun being here.

~ ~ ~

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