I first dreamed of being a writer when I was seven years old, and I pursued that dream through high school and college. After graduating with a degree in journalism, I received an unexpected job offer—the chance to move to Nashville and work in the music industry.

It was an exciting opportunity, and I put my writing goals on hold and moved to Tennessee. For a while I supplemented my income by writing music bios and magazine articles, but my full-time job eventually became an all-consuming career. It has been fun and challenging and fulfilling, and I can’t imagine my life without the unexpected turn it took.

But the spark of my passion for writing remained, and a few years ago I began writing again. I joined writers groups and studied the craft for the second time. After a few non-fiction successes, I eventually signed my second inspirational fiction manuscript to an agent.

A prominent radio talk show host recently commented how we often fail to see the solutions to those problems that are closest to us. From the distance of several decades, I can now see that my music career was a detour providing me with the experiences and knowledge I needed to write my novels. All along, God knew the best way to reach my goal was by way of His plan, not mine. I’m grateful for the Divine Detour He put in my life.

This website is about people whose names and/or work you will recognize. Those whose Divine Detours have taken them on noteworthy journeys in the world of music or writing. Sometimes both.

I hope you will visit often and let me share their stories.

~ Kathy Harris