Have you ever visited a hospital maternity ward? It’s a positive reminder of the perpetuation of life. A new birth can provoke many emotions within us:  celebration, expectation and, perhaps, apprehension. But mostly love.

You can spot the new grandparents a mile away. They’re the ones with a permanent smile attached to their faces. There is a special love in their eyes as they behold their grandchild for the first time—and no way to explain later to that child how his grandmother or grandfather felt about him at his birth. Words are not adequate. Pictures are not adequate.

It must be the same for our Heavenly Father, Who loves us beyond our human inadequacies. We can only imagine the love in His eyes at our birth, and again at our rebirth. We are loved by Him more than a thousand grandparents could ever do. And, even though He has known us since before we were formed in the womb, it must be a delight for Him when we join the family of God—for eternity.

Related reading: Jeremiah 1:15; Matthew 7:9-11; 1John 3:1-2; John 3:16

~ Kathy Harris