Writing Text On Retro TypewriterIt’s a big week for me. I’ll be submitting a requested book proposal to an editor for an inspirational romantic suspense novel. Although The Road to Mercy included a good bit of suspense in the plot, this story is my first in the romantic suspense genre.

If you’re an author, you know how scary it can be to press SEND on a manuscript. A good deal of self-doubt goes along with the process of submission. It’s balanced only by the reminder that submission—and sometimes dealing with rejection—is required if you’re going to move forward as a published author.

But there’s a larger life lesson here. And it applies to all of us—not just authors. If we want to do our best as Christians, submission is also required. In this case, it’s submission of our personal story, to seek God’s will for our life. And it includes the same kind of dedication—and vulnerability—as completing and submitting a proposal for a manuscript. We have to put it all on the line. From relinquishment of our time, to committed prayer, to the study of God’s “how to” manual, the Bible.

The good news (or would that be the Good News?) is that we’ll never be rejected when we submit our life to God. He is willing to accept us as we are. And He will hone us into a “perfect” work for Him.

How much better can your story be?

By the way… thanks in advance for your prayers as I prepare to push SEND on that proposal. 



~ Kathy Harris