Don’t Ever Quit

So, you say you want to be a writer? Let me tell you now, it will take perseverance. It won’t be easy. There will be days [...]

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Be Strong & Courageous

What do you fear? Perhaps it’s change. Or commitment. Maybe you’re afraid that you’re not good enough, strong enough, or even wise enough to face the [...]

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Stubborn Commitment

American Christian Fiction Writers BLOG What does it REALLY take to become a successful writer? Follow this link for one author's opinion. And while [...]

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When a Writer Isn’t Writing

I’ve been a caregiver in varying degrees for the past seven years. Caregiving, on top of a full time job, can take a toll on [...]

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Conference ~ The Cornerstone

by Kathy Harris Nashville, Tennessee, shown is the downtown skyline at twilight, will host the ACFW Conference in 2016. Registration for the American Christian Fiction Writers [...]

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