Lynda Lee Schab got her writing start in greeting cards (Blue Mountain Arts, Dayspring) and from there went on to write articles and short stories (Mature Living, Christian Home & School). But her passion has always been fiction. Mind Over Madi is her debut novel.

Lynda works behind the scenes at and is a member of ACFW. She is a regular book reviewer for and the National Writing Examiner for

She lives with her husband Rob and two teenagers in Michigan.

What sparked your writing journey?

I’ve always loved to read, which seems to be a precursor for all writers. I don’t remember exactly when I picked up a pen and started to write, but I remember writing a story in sixth grade called The Summer I Went to Honolulu (no, I’d never been there—and still haven’t!), complete with caricature drawings. I moved on to writing plays for my cousins and me to perform for our parents, then tried my hand at poetry. In high school, it was all about poetry—some of it was pretty good, but some was very, very bad. I still love to write poetry, but prefer to create funny, rhyming poems for retirement parties, milestone birthdays, bridal or baby showers, and other fun occasions.

Has God ever provided an unexpected “detour” in your life that turned out to be positive?

With my writing, there have been plenty of detours. Times when I didn’t understand why nothing was happening and then out of the blue, a person I’d met months before would contact me about a writing opportunity that ended up blessing my socks off.

How does your faith play into your writing?

I can’t imagine writing without my faith. Even though I often write stories and articles that aren’t really considered “Christian,” I try to project a Christian worldview. God has opened so many doors for me and has blessed me in ways I never dreamed possible. It’s because of Him that I write and I want my readers to experience Him in some way as they read my work. Most of the time I try to use humor and light-heartedness to touch the reader and leave her with a smile on her face and in her heart.

Let’s talk about your new book Mind Over Madi (OakTara Publishing, November 15, 2011). Please tell us about it.

Madi McCall is a 38-year-old mom of three whose insecurities are destroying her marriage. When she suspects her husband Rich is cheating with the mother of one of his fourth grade students, she kicks him out of the house and he moves in with his bachelor brother. Madi is then forced to take a deeper look at herself and her insecurities. She does this with the help of a counselor, her best friend Sylvie, and a few cartons of Edy’s Dibs. At a twenty year get-together with former high school classmates, Madi runs into “the other woman” and things come to a head. It’s a lighthearted story about taking a true look at ourselves and accepting God’s grace when we think and do dumb things.

Besides entertainment, what do you hope readers will take away from it?

An understanding of just how infinite God’s love is. That no matter what we’ve done, God will never stop pursuing our hearts or desiring a relationship with us. His mercies are new every morning and His grace covers our weaknesses, our mistakes, our ignorance.

What advice would you offer to writers—young or older—who are just starting out?

That’s easy: Apply the Butt Glue and just write. Discipline has never been my biggest strength, but that book won’t get written unless I park my behind in the chair and start typing. Even when I don’t feel like it. Even when I have a million other things to do. One of my favorite quotes on writing is “You can fix bad, but you can’t fix blank.”

A few fun questions…

When the words aren’t flowing—or when you want to celebrate if they are—what is your favorite comfort food and why?

Ice cream is my comfort—and celebratory—food every time. Preferably Edy’s French Silk.

This website features musicians as well as writers. Do you have musical, as well as literary, talent?

I’ve always loved to sing, had grand dreams when I was young of becoming a famous singer one day. My problem was lack of confidence and fear. I was a member of my high school choir and I remember trying out for Madrigals, a select small group of singers. I don’t know how I made it through the audition. My legs were wobbly, my voice was shaky. But somehow I made Madrigals! I also played clarinet in junior high and I play a (tiny) bit of piano. Both my mom and dad have musical talent—piano, trumpet, and voice. So I guess the ability is there, if only to use in the car and in the shower.

If you were a song, what kind of song would you be?

I think I’d be a soft rock song—something sort of laid back and quiet, yet with an edge right there, waiting to emerge.

Are you a major or a minor chord?

I think for the most part, I’m a minor chord. I tend to be a little quiet, reflective, and like to be by myself. But “major chord moments” definitely emerge from time to time. Especially when you get to know me.

In the story that is your life, are you the strong, female lead; the girl next door; the mysterious woman behind dark glasses; the super heroine; or the little girl trying to walk in high heels?

In my dreams, I am the mysterious woman behind dark glasses, the super heroine, and the female lead. But in real life, I would say I’m the girl next door. I am a little more subdued, but have been called friendly and fun. Not very exciting maybe, but I’m okay with that. I always have my characters through whom I can live vicariously.

I’m a dog lover. Please tell us about your pets, if any, or your favorite pet as a child.

We don’t have any pets (except the dust bunnies hopping around). We had a Sheltie when the kids were young, and two guinea pigs a few years ago, but other than that, we’ve only had fish. My husband is greatly allergic to cats, and neither of us are huge pet people, much to the dismay of our kids. We tell them when they move out, they can get as many pets as they please. We’re rotten parents, I know. : -)

Thanks so much, Lynda. It’s great having you as a guest at DivineDetour!

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